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Dragon city Hack, tips and cheats which will make you sail through easily

Are you a fantasy fanatic? Have you ever thought about dragons, you read about them are fascinated with them and since you were kids you thought what it would be like to train a dragon, to have a city full of dragons. If such is your desire than though not in the real world but in the virtual world your desires have come true. Dragon city is the game made just for you. Are you unfamiliar with the game and what goes on here? We will give you a brief tour of the game and how you can master it in no time?

Dragon City Hack Tool – An Overview

Dragon City is a social media networking game which was launched in the year 2012 for the PCs by the company Social Point. In 2013 iOS version was released which solidified its stand in the market. Next release was for Android users in 2014, which made it among the top-notch games one can experience on Facebook. So the question now is what all entails in this game. The various things that you can enjoy while playing this game are:

  • Raise dragon on your own.
  • Make your own dragon city from scratch.
  • Pick gems when you advance in the game
  • Look out for your dragon’s growth
  • Train your dragon
  • All this is fun but you encounter a lot of obstacles in the process. To overcome these hindrances there are Dragon City hack that will help you to get by.

    dragon city hack

    dragon city hack

    Dragon City Hack- Why one can consider this?

    This is entirely up to you whether you want to use dragon city cheats or not. If you have recently started the game you will end up encountering lot of problems and you will need a lot of resources which you can utilize while in the game. Food is an elemental requirement when in this game, it is required by dragons to advance, it also helps in getting gold, you can get food using gems but that is a taxing and tedious job. It can easily be achieved by using dragon city hack. If you use these you can easily have dragon city hack gems, gold, food, and due to this continuous supply you will be having control over the game and you can get a relaxing experience while playing this game.
    However you want to utilise these hacks whether you are using dragon city hack apk, android, iOS version it doesn’t matter. You will be having the control and some advantage over others who are already in the game.

    Understanding Dragon City gems and why gems are important?

    If you have ample resources a player can unlock around 100 dragons. All these different dragons have different ways of breeding and nurturing requirement. Some are easily unlocked others may require more attention. The player can have two objectives though both are kind of linked, these are:

  • Become a best dragon trainer and collector in the game.
  • Make the best team to fight battles in arenas.
  • They are similar as if a person has best collection of dragon and is a great trainer than only he/she can achieve wins in multiplayer battles in the battle ground. Now enters gems in the dragon city why are they important, any game is successful only when it engages the user. If you feel like you are gaining every time you played you will have incentive to go on. These incentives are gems using which you can buy resources for your game. Using these you can design your city, its layout, what dragon you want and much more. Dragon city hack is the solution which can provide you with easy and unlimited number of resources and can help you in fulfilling the objectives of the game.

    Dragon Transformations, Breeding and Training – All that you need to know

    Since dragon city is all about dragons you should have knowledge of dragon’s evolution and different stages that they go through. Stages of transformation that the dragons go through are:

  • Egg Stage – This is the first stage, where dragon is still inside the egg and has not hatched yet.
  • Baby Stage – In this stage dragon waits for you to return back to their habitat so thatyou cab feed it. It has the cutest designs.
  • Teen Stage – Then comes the teenage stage, where the dragon is little tough to handle, but starting this stage you can make your dragon to go into battles and become stronger, thus helping you in advancing the game.
  • Adult Stage – Adult is the full grown dragon. It is also the last stage of development for the dragon. He is the strongest now and can take on more battles.
  • Breeding the dragons is a major feature of this game. It helps in generating new dragons and gives birth to new ones. You can also use your gems to make the breeding process fast. But there are various methods which can be used for helping you in making breeding faster and those are:

  • Finish the dragon book collection so that you will know which of them can be attained by breeding.
  • When you win in a battle, you earn eggs, use these eggs for breeding.
  • You can sell your hatched eggs. From these you will be getting money and gems. Use these gems to make the process of hatching other eggs faster.
  • You can also place your dragon into the training centre. Here your dragon will learn new moves to use in the battle field. In the centre you will get 15 new moves. These moves are better and powerful then the general moves and to learn them it takes around 48 hours. You can replace all the moves or choose to use some training moves and some basic moves with that. Your moves should be able to do more % damage to the opponent. Putting your dragon in training is also a good move. This way you are making your dragon ready to take on the fight or battle on the battle field.

    dragon city cheats

    dragon city cheats

    Some tips and cheats to sail through the game easily.

    As you advance in the game, to grow your dragons you will need food. And as they advance levels they become stronger. You will be needing a lot of resources as you move forward, that is why people look for dragon city hacks as gaining these resources naturally is a time taking process. To excel and learn all the tips and tricks that you can employ to move ahead and weave your way easily in this game, you should go through the pointers we would be sharing here. Below are some tips to help you forge ahead in Dragon City:

  • Elemental Dragons – You should know all the dragons that are present in the game before plunging into the game. There are many elemental dragons in the game. You should be familiar with which dragon fits in which class. The elements that are present in the game are:
  • o Nature
    o Terra
    o Metal
    o Flame
    o Sea
    o Light
    o Electric
    o Ice
    o Legend
    o Dark
    o War
    o Pure

  • Other Dragons – Other than elemental also, there are some more types of dragons. It is always good to start the game with elemental dragons though. The other dragons that you will find in the game are:
  • o Hybrid Dragons
    o Rare Hybrid Dragons
    o Legend Dragons
    o Exclusive Dragons

  • Grow food according to the money you have – If you are getting low on gold, harvest food that will take less gold and time to grow. As you advance you require more food for your dragons to grow. Dragon balls and chillies are good food to grow in this time. Less time means less money will be used up to harvest the food, When you have more money and can splurge then harvest food like star shines and spike balls.
  • Get more lands – You can occupy more lands in this game. You have to just clear them up. Though it costs money to have such areas, but it could be a good investment. You can clear the area by clicking on any rock, tree, or bush and you will be getting more lands which can be used later to build up when required. Though if you are using hacks you can do this later without any cents paid.
  • Habitats – These are important to your dragons. Each habitat is different from other and not all kind of dragons can align with any habitat. So understand deeply how and which dragon can align to which habitat. Initially it is advisable to build sea, flame or nature habitats. Terra habitat can be built in later on stages. Placing your dragon in habitat garners you gold per minute. If you align elemental dragons with their crystals you will be getting 20-percent extra gold per minute. Always try to mix dragons with their elements so that you can get better results.
  • Hybrid creation – It is very interesting feature that this game involves. Using the hybrid feature you can create a new species of dragon by mixing different species. This could yield various results with varied dragons. When you mix these hybrids again you can create any other totally different species as well. These dragons will include features of both the species, thus resulting in a stronger contender for the battle. Dragon city cheats are quite handy in creation of hybrids as you will have access to unlimited gems and thus can make as many permutation and combinations as you want. You should always try and create these hybrid dragons as these can be sold for gold and resources which you require. These are always in demand.
  • Gem Acquisition – In this game purple gem are the most important ones as they are the main currency. As these are the main currency you need to send them a lot as well for anything and unlocking any feature you will require them. Dragon city hacks can also help you in getting these but you can earn these gems without spending money in following ways:
  • o When you advance levels in this game you earn them.
    o Claim the bonuses that are given daily.
    o If you invite friends to play the game you get five gems for each invite.
    o Surveys and promotions that are launched by game, if you participate in them you earn gems.
    o Monday special rewards.
    o Game battles help you win 2 gems.
    o Dragon league tournaments in which one can participate three times in a day, if you do you get 2 gems and money.
    o Last but the easiest and fastest way is using Dragon City Cheats. This will help in creating gems the fastest way but not all the users are familiar with how to hack dragon city game.

  • Collecting Rewards – So when you are about to close your game session, you should make your farms grow food for long time and collect all the money from the habitats. One should always remember to click on the habitats and collect daily rewards. These rewards are your resources or money which will garner help in winning the game in future.
  • Ultra Breeding Tree – If you have earned quite a lot of gems and are thinking where to spend them, breeding tree is a good suggestion. If you can ignore the missions which lets you surge the harvesting and breeding procedure then do it. Update hatchery so that you can breed two eggs at the same time. If you complete a series of dragons in the book then you can earn gems.
  • Earning more Gold – Earning more gold is important, without gold many features remain unlock and you cannot win the game. Having the gold puts you in a position where you can splurge the amount according to the need. There are various tricks that you can try to earn more gold and these are:
  • o If you log in for 5 days continuously, then you get a reward. In three days the amount you earn is 1500 gold. So do log in into the game consecutively much more than you do.
    o Upgrade your habitats. When you upgrade them you can put more money in it. It can also hold more dragons. Though upgrading habitats cost money but you earn most of it back.
    o Get Expansions. It is an investment. Whenever in future you need to build up habitats, you can use these spaces or expansions.

    Now as you know most of the tricks and cheats of the dragon city game, you will surely have a relaxed and fun experience while playing the game. If you battle, do cross breeding, make stadiums, invest money in farms or get clear lands you will be getting resources as much as you want.

    Things to keep in mind while using The Dragon City Hack

    Dragon city hack does make your experience quite easy and fun. But there are few things that you should keep in mind while playing. In any game there are generally two elements i.e. common and ancient world elements. There is an unlock order to this and dragon city hacks can help you with it. These cheats will let you concentrate on the element that is necessary and important. It works on any be it android, iOS, or windows. It doesn’t require any kind of download, or jailbreak or apk mod. The most it asks is to do some surveys for them, so that process can be finished. Even this happens rarely. Use the tool whenever you want, the early the better. Keep in mind that food consumption also has to be low if the gold amount is low with you. Try growing foods that doesn’t take too much time to harvest when the gold bar is low. Otherwise you can splurge as you want. One more thing that is important is to understand the habitat system of the game. This game doesn’t ask for much, though it could be confusing in the beginning. It asks that elemental dragons are paired with the same element crystal. Dragon transformation is also to be kept in mind. For every log in you will get amount in your wallet.


    This game can get quite confusing with so many things to remember. But rest assured whatever you may think, once you start playing this is going to engage you in the endless loop of breeding the dragon and you would be engulfed in the mesmerising world of the dragon city. When you use dragon city hacks or cheats you can get an easy access to all the resources and that too unlimited. These hacks you can use any time, that could be while entering or starting the game or when you are in the game and need more resources to get by in the game. These hacks will help you in overcoming these burdens.